Your Key To Success: Social Media Followers

Why is marketing on social media the in thing to do?

When you are starting up, there is one thing that you must do and by that, I mean compulsorily do. You must make sure that you beat the customer blue. No, not literally! But the idea is that you must be seen everywhere that he goes.

A customer can be at the unlikeliest of places and it is a given that the more social exposure you give to yourself, the better the prospect that a new customer gets added to your repertoire every single time.

Don’t lose hope:

If you think at any given point of time that after a quick surge in likes and followers you have reached a point of saturation, don’t lose hope. There is nothing wrong with being at it. make sure that you employ the best SEO or Search Engine Optimization tools to stay ahead of your competitors and that you maintain great interaction with your existing customers and that you still simultaneously keep posting great content on your website or blog so as to be able to keep the existing customers engaged while the new customers also perchance get to you by way of seeing you repeatedly across various media.

Follow the seven rules of customer behavior and you will never go wrong!
What are the seven rules?

  1. Know:

You must know who your customers are. A regular interaction with them is extremely important so that you know what they expect from you and that you can deliver.

  1. Like:

Try to capture as many likes as possible because the more the merrier. Use wit, humor and great content to keep your audiences engaged with well-meaning conversations.

  1. Trust:

When the customer sees you often, a natural element of trust will be born.

  1. Try:

Never be averse to let the customer try out your services for free. A customer who wants to try out first is very likely a customer in the making.

  1. Buy:

Make the buying and the checkout experience as customer friendly as possible.

  1. Repeat:

Give the customer a great deal so that he wants to come back to you.

  1. Refer:

Referral and loyalty programs work great if you can afford to.

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