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How I increased my social media presence

If you have a You Tube channel and the content is also good, but the number of subscribers is not increasing substantially, then you start to wonder what is that one miracle that can help you! Wie bekomme ich mehr YouTube Abonnenten? Yes, that is the question that troubles everyone who uploads content on social media platforms.

The number of followers is a metric or measurement of the popularity of you, your content and thereby the brand that you promoting on the social media platform. Your social media presence should justify its location and placement on a platform.

It is niche specific so it is important to research well about people’s preferences, choices and previous searches before deciding to launch your channel. Videos are becoming the most popular form of content. So add a visual content and the link to your video, on the other posts, on Facebook and twitter. Every minute people are adding hours of videos on You Tube. It is really difficult to stand out and attract more people unless you have unique content. So do pay attention to what people are saying about your videos. Their comments will help you to change or edit the videos and then upload better content. Do not create something first and then expect people to like it. You need to create something that you know people will like or need to see.

Use the analytical tool of You Tube to understand its impact on location, gender, comments on content and other aspects. It will help you to improve the content. The ultimate aim is to get as many subscribers as you can. So try to spread awareness about your video through other social media platforms, friends, and relatives. There is no harm is buying a few hundred initial subscribers, who create an aura around the video. Then on, the popularity improves manifold.

All these tools helped me to improve my social media presence and I am sure that you will also benefit immensely if you use these tips wisely.